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Но кто позаботится о тех, кто приезжает в город Брянск? – Мы.

(Who will help people arriving in Bryansk? We can.)

Why do not you participate in this project? (integrated services for people who come to any city in Russia). We've been doing this project in the Bryansk almost two years. The thought is beautiful, the most logical perspective, the niche is free or in Bryansk, neither Russia nor in the world no one else has thought of this! The idea and its embodiment in life, the scale of Russia, my and my friends invest $ 720 thousand. Your own. Payback period of 15 months, profitability (POI) 14%. We are all honest. .

Regards N. Stefashin.


London Bryansk

London, a city that has long-standing Bryansk and strong economic and cultural relations.

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London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and England, the largest city in the British Isles. The area is 1706.8 km metropolis. The population of more than 8 million people. By city population ranks 21st in the world, 2nd in Europe, and the first in the European Union and the United Kingdom. London has played a leading role in the political, economic and cultural life in Britain. The city has an international airport Heathrow, one of the world's largest river port on the River Thames, many world famous attractions: Westminster Abbey, the Palace of Westminster complex with a clock tower, St. Paul's Cathedral, the fortress of the Tower and others. London is situated on the zero meridian, which is often referred to as Greenwich (under the name of the area which it crosses). Historical and administrative center in London is Westminster. Business Center is located in another area - City. Both areas have the status of "city". Город Брянск.

London is considered to be not only the capital of the United Kingdom,London Bryansk region. but also one of the capitals of the world's political, economic and cultural. It is the largest city and port in the world. The i-first century BC on the site of a Celtic settlement the Romans created a city called Londinium. In 884, Alfred the Great made ??London the capital of the state, from 976 years of Anglo-Saxon domination of the time the city became the seat of royal power. Now lives in London, 6.8 million people. Each year their number is added millions of tourists who are attracted by the monuments, museums, theaters, concert halls of the city.

Edinburgh Bryansk

Edinburgh Film Festival is the leading UK and noted film in its infinite variety more than half a century.

London parks are also of interest and an integral part of the city. In London, a lot of cozy little squares, but the main ones, the so-called royal parks of St. James, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent's Park, Green Park. Each of them has its own look, its salt. In Regent's Park is London Zoo, and the famous Hyde Park Speakers Corner where people gather weekly, obsessed with the desire to practice in oratory, to inform citizens have any ideas or just have fun on any vitiystvuya, a most unexpected and absurd topic


Aberdeen Bryansk

Брянцы, следуя добрым русским традициям, встречают в Брянске с хлебом солью своих гостей, брянчане ждут новых знакомств и всегда рады друзьям.


North Berwick Bryansk


North Berwick: The picturesque town situated on the shores of the Firth of Forth, just 35 minutes by train from Edinburgh, not far from the A1 motorway and an excellent opportunity to explore the links golf courses in East Lothian.

Bryansk London. Is home to 7 million people who do not live in anonymous suburbs, and in the former towns that were his, at Westminster and in areas that have retained features of its provincial past - and in Merilbone Kensington, Hampstead and Highgate - where the central streets and historical monuments remind the people who created that London, which each generation discovers anew. History of London, recorded in documents that date back to the time in place of Westminster was still a swamp.London Russia Bryansk. The Romans settled in present-day City region in about 60 AD, built a bridge across the Thames, and created the famous shopping center, attracted a lot of traders. The value of Westminster, which was originally built as a royal palace shortly before the invasion in 1066, Wilhelm - Conqueror, began to grow after it became a place for government meetings. The palace was not far from the Thames, near Westminster Abbey, a few miles from the City. London Брянск.

Лондон Брянск 2011

Wales Bryansk

Wales small principality of Great Britain, covering an area of 8015 square miles with a population of 2.8 million people, 20% of whom speak Welsh.

Scotland Bryansk

Architectural heritage of Scotland is a rich tapestry that illuminates the history of our country since ancient times. Thread reaches from prehistoric standing stones in medieval castles and formal great gardens to Georgian houses, Victorian factories and Second World War, defense.