Но кто позаботится о тех, кто приезжает в город Брянск? – Мы.

(Who will help people arriving in Bryansk? We can.)

Why do not you participate in this project? (integrated services for people who come to any city in Russia). We've been doing this project in the Bryansk almost two years. The thought is beautiful, the most logical perspective, the niche is free or in Bryansk, neither Russia nor in the world no one else has thought of this! The idea and its embodiment in life, the scale of Russia, my and my friends invest $ 720 thousand. Your own. Payback period of 15 months, profitability (POI) 14%. We are all honest. .

Regards N. Stefashin.

Trip to Bryansk, Travel to Bryansk

Турне Брянск 2012

tour Bryansk


Hello, Dear Ladies and gentlemen! We thank you that have found time to visit our site. Bryansk - one of the finest cities of Russia with the rich history, traditions, culture, sights. Here there is no sea and oil, but in it there live very nice and kind people. Many tour operators care of inhabitants of the city, providing their travel and rest, and it is correct. But who will take care of those who comes to the city of Bryansk? – We.


Full range of services in Bryansk - transport, accommodation, catering, leisure, business.
We do this to you, we will solve practically any problem in Bryansk.
Health to you, good luck in affairs. Bryansk.


And who isn't important you the corporate group advancing the business, old age a family dreaming to visit a cradle of Russia-place connected with Tyutchev, young men decided to have a rest – all of us are glad to help you with our city.

Today any person, dared at tourist travel in the presence of enough of time, money and of some other possibilities, is capable to solve itself many questions, to reserve a hotel accommodation, to book the ticket aboard the plane. But whether it is necessary to you an additional headache? At you, what a lot of superfluous time? You perfectly know new unfamiliar places? Certainly, it is possible to buy guidebooks to a trip to Bryansk, books on travel to our city, cards and to investigate other questions interesting you. But it demands certain time and material inputs.

The tour operator carries out intermediary and organizing activity. Intermediary is carried out between the tourist and executors of various services. In other words, we offer our clients of service in the conclusion of contracts with hotels, organizers of transportations, a food, excursions. In more details you can familiarize with it on other pages of our site.

    Our activity is based on three main principles:
  • Granting to the client of all spectrum of services in one place on a trip to our city.
  • Service optimization on travel to Bryansk.
  • Maintenance of high degree of reliability of given service.

In more details about me you can learn having read the reference - "Contacts" and having visited my site in Internet: www.obrazovanie32.ru On the same site my Resume is placed also. If you have an interest in our teamwork, familiarize with it. And to the people having money, I would advise to see the reference to this page to Investors.

Good luck in affairs. N.A.Stefashin


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