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Но кто позаботится о тех, кто приезжает в город Брянск? – Мы.

(Who will help people arriving in Bryansk? We can.)

Why do not you participate in this project? (integrated services for people who come to any city in Russia). We've been doing this project in the Bryansk almost two years. The thought is beautiful, the most logical perspective, the niche is free or in Bryansk, neither Russia nor in the world no one else has thought of this! The idea and its embodiment in life, the scale of Russia, my and my friends invest $ 720 thousand. Your own. Payback period of 15 months, profitability (POI) 14%. We are all honest. .

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San Juan Bryansk

San Juan, a city that has long-standing Bryansk and strong economic and cultural relations.

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San Juan City Guide It is no surprise that San Juan attracts more visitors each year than any other spot in the Caribbean.

Juan Ponce de Leon founded the settlement of Caparra in 1508. Thirteen years later, in 1521, the city of San Juan was founded near to this site at the spot that is now known as Old San Juan. Located next to one of the largest and best natural harbors in the Caribbean, San Juan endured to become what is now the oldest city under the U.S. flag. One need merely stroll through the streets to feel the history and grandeur of this site. Сан-Хуан Брянск. Old San Juan offers an Old World atmosphere with nearly 400 restored Spanish 16th and 17th buildings. It also contains many shops, casinos and cafes for travelers to experience. San Juan is home to the San Juan Cathedral, a rare example of medieval architecture in the New World. The cathedral is open for visitors and still conducts a regular schedule of religious services. San Juan is also home to El Morro, the largest fortification in the Caribbean, which dates back to 1540. El Morro offers some truly fantastic views of San Juan Bay.


San Juan Bryansk

Брянцы, следуя добрым русским традициям, встречают в Брянске с хлебом солью своих гостей, брянчане ждут новых знакомств и всегда рады друзьям.


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Город Брянск.


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